Activities…Winning Strategies!

ENArC initiates a wide range of programmes which share the intention of encouraging and supporting multinational and cross-border work and development. This will allow

  • archivists to get acquainted with new technology methods on how to preserve cultural heritage
  • experts to exchange knowledge and working techniques
  • the archivists and researchers of tomorrow insight into the latest developments in this field of archival technology development and be effectively trained
  • and last but no least creating public awerness of shared European cultural history.

ENArC means archival networking based on team work, creating the path into the digital future!

Our activities always include:

  • Supporting international cooperation, especially concerning archives
  • Strengthening, effectively establishing and expanding the existing network of European archival institutions
  • Digitising and indexing activities
  • Integrating digital content into existing national and supranational portals
  • Creating online access to important European cultural assets
  • Further developing collaborative tools (web 2.0) for the indexing of individual archival records
  • Developing standards for indexing activities regarding certain archival collections
  • Exemplary implementation of project results in scientific sub-projects
  • Developing and arranging training courses for archivists with a focus on IT, digitisation, and preservation/ restoration
  • Disseminating project results on a large scale in order to reach as many European citizens as possible