Training Programmes

Looking at the sum of different competences within the Consortium, there is a huge potential for dealing with a myriad of topics in terms of archival sciences and cultural heritage. It is therefore one of the project’s task to bundle such knowledge and make it available to all interested parties and institutions beyond borders. As the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa (SNS, IT) has abundant experience in holding courses that focus on cultural heritage and information technologies, it will fall to them to:

  • Develop special training programmes on information technology and cultural heritage, archive management, restoration and preservation together with the other project partners
  • Organise and hold such courses once a year at the Centre of Learning at the Scuola in San Miniato.

Implementing such measures will guarantee that Consortium competences as well as project results are passed on directly and as such become integrated into the daily work of the individual archival and cultural institutions.