DiDip – From Digital to Distant Diplomatics

2022/09/28 @ 09:30 – 2022/09/30 @ 17:00
University of Graz
Universitätsstraße 15 (Resowi-Zentrum)
Room HS 15.06
Georg Vogeler

Digital Diplomatics 2022 Conference (28.-30.9.22)

Die Digital Diplomatics Konferenz wird vom 28.-30. September 2022 in Graz (AT) stattfinden!

…As early as the 1970s, diplomatics, i.e. research on mediaeval documents, noticed the benefits of the computer for the indexing and editing of mediaeval charter collections. In the following decades, numerous relevant research projects were initiated that explored and clarified the potential of a connection between digital humanities and the methods of historical auxiliary sciences…© DiDip.

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