Post-graduate course “Computer applications for archival management”

2011/09/11 – 2011/09/14 all-day
Centro Studi Santa Maria Maddalena
56048 Volterra
Province of Pisa
Synopsis: The course “Computer applications for archival management” took place in Volterra and was part of a post graduate training program organized by the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (SNS), with the financial support of the Province of Pisa and the Municipality of Volterra and the EU-project “ENArC – European Network on Archival Cooperation”.

The main topics of the course were: Digitizing projects, IT- processing of archival documents, online data-base and research tools for archives.

Aim of the course was to offer to post graduate students and professionals in the field of cultural heritage a deeper knowledge of these topics and of still running projects. Thanks to the participation of SNS in the “ENArC” project, the presentation of recent and ongoing projects will allow to get an insight into international scenery.

The course addressed university graduates in humanities, history and cultural heritage and to professionals working in the field of cultural heritage. Prior academic specialization courses and professional experience in public and private sectors and organizations of cultural heritage were taken into account during the selection. Applicants in areas different from those listed above were considered from university graduates, who in any case had qualifications, specializations or work experience in the field of cultural heritage. Since many lessons were held in English, a good knowledge of English was required. Selection was based on the curriculum vitae attached to the application, which had to include the final mark, title of thesis and name of supervisor, as well as all other information considered pertinent to the admission prerequisites. This included in particular academic and professional qualifications, training and work experience in fields related to the methodology, themes and practical applications covered in the course. At least 40% of the 24 positions were reserved for people aged max. 35.

The course took place from 12th to 14th September, 6 hours daily and will included some practical exercises on data bases. Attendance was registered, and participants who attended at least 90% of the classroom hours received a Certificate of Attendance.

Participation in the course was free of charge; attendees had to provide for board and lodging in Volterra. SNS provided a list of possible accommodations.

Languages: Italian, English