Impressions from the ICARUS@work #11 and VI General Convention of Polish Archivists

On September 5th the ICARUS@work workshop was held at the Historic Institute of the University of Wroclaw as the pre-convention event to the VI General Convention of Polish Archivists in Wroclaw (PL).

A day full of interesting lectures and research results from Polish as well as Czech archivists once more exemplified the importance and productive potential of transnational networking within the archival landscape. It is exactly this spirit of multinational community and cooperation beyond borders that enables archives to master the challenges of the Digital Era.

We would like to thank Przemysław Wiszewski and Lucyna Harc for all their efforts making this workshop possible and such a great success and especially for giving us such a warm welcome to beautiful Wrocław.

Here are some impressions of our workshop (just click on the image below):


We also got the chance to speak at the first plenary session of the VI General Convention of Polish Archivists on September 6th at the Politechnika Wrocławska.

Being given the opportunity of getting some insight into the current Polish archival landscape, it was a pleasure to emphasise the concepts of complementarity and synergy among transnational networks of archival institutions which advance the democratization of knowledge on our shared European history and promote free access to our common European roots.

Please click on the image below for some impressions of this event: