ENArC – Branching out!

ENArC takes its point of departure in the already existing initiatives within the network ICARUS, a joint platform of Central European commemorative institutions. It was founded in 2007 and is dedicated to the mutual support in expert issues and project management in the primary area of digitising written archival material.

The exchange of knowledge and experience applying new media in the presentation of archival material plays as big a role as the increased international cooperation. Some of our partner institutions have already been active in the area of digitising and electronically indexing cultural objects for several years: Developing common standards and strategies for presenting these results and cross-linking them into further projects is one of ENArC´s major objectives.

Charter of emperor Frederic III (Hungarian National Archives)

We strongly advocate the implementation of clear methods and common strategies for international cooperation, which have to some extent already been put into practice within the existing network of ICARUS. In the long term, this network’s purpose, which is to be realised by means of ENArC, is to extend shared strategies, generate knowledge and know-how thoughtfully and coordinate and develop individual projects; all of which aim to give Europeans a better  understanding of Europe’s Memory through written archival material.

Strengthening the cooperation will specifically be done by:

  • Improving the communication between the related cultural organisations,
  • Developing common strategies for making the written cultural heritage they keep available and
  • Coordinating individual initiatives.

Our regular workshops, expert conferences and lectures serve to exchange knowledge and build up qualifications and at the same time enhance the intercultural dialogue. For detailed information please see our activities section!