Project preparation meeting on WW I in Sofia

After the Archives State Agency of Bulgaria (ASA) had presented its project proposal for digitizing documents related to World War I at the ICARUS Project Market in November 2011, it was now able to find partners interested and willing to work on developing and implementing the idea.

On April 24th in Sofia, the ASA organized the first meeting about the project, which was attended by representatives from Austria, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy and Hungary.

The idea behind the project is to digitize different types of relatively unknown documents, building both a macro-picture of the course of the war as well as a micro-view of the lives of the ordinary people who lived through and participated in the events. The group consisting of 13 representants from Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary, Albania, Italy and Croatia discussed its intention to enact the project within the framework of the EU Culture Programme. The aim is to have the project lasts 5 years, ending in 2018 – When the WWI commemorates its 100 year anniversary.

The next steps on the way to create a successful application will be made during the next ICARUS-Meeting in Eisniedeln/CH between 25th and 27th June 2012.

Further project participants are welcomed and asked to contact Maria Terzieva.