September 24-25, 2012: Joint Face-to-Face Meeting of WP4, 6 and 7 at the Federal Archives Berlin (D)

It was time for our next meeting in person and a proactive time it was!

Gathering three WPs in Berlin not only allowed for WP intern updates and workflow/work progress discussions but moreover gave us the chance to thoroughly examine, develop and align cross-WP work tasks.

Many of the upcoming steps that are to be undertaken by our Evaluation Core Group are closely linked to our dissemination and training work as well as the ongoing technical developments.

Everybody’s eager spirit of co-working as an effective and successful team will push the APEx-project’s progress significantly as promising future steps have resulted from this face-to-face meeting.

Thank you to the Federal Archives Berlin for being such welcoming hosts and juggling the task of getting three WPs under one hat so skillfully!

Group picture