Mobility Grant Programme

The project’s core activity for strengthening cooperation between the Consortium partners is a staff exchange programme that will allow experts from participating institutions to work at facilities in other countries for a certain period of time (3-4 weeks) and thereby targets to animate international workspace interchange providing:

  • Network establishment at expert level
  • Familiarisation with various country-specific working methods and technologies
  • Intensive knowledge and experience exchange
  • Strengthening intercultural dialogue

The Mobility Grant Programme is an individual and personal approach to give staff members from European archival and related institutions the opportunity of going abroad in order to establish or maintain international cooperation or to even gain work experience and exchange knowledge and qualifications


The programme’s goals in essence are:

  • Overcome barriers in international archival cooperation caused by travel costs
  • Improvement of international communication and cooperation amongst archives and related institutions on a personal and professional level
  • Opportunities to get to know foreign working methods and technologies and therefore to learn from others
  • Setting impulses in order to establish or strengthen international cooperation projects amongst archives and releated institutions

Eligible actions in detail:

  • Attendance of archive-related conferences and workshops in Europe
  • Participation at international meetings dealing with international cooperation of archives
  • Research or work-stays in archives or archive-related institutions up to a duration of 2 weeks

Target groups are:

  • Archivists or persons working in European archives
  • Personnel of archive-related institutions like universities or scientific institutes

Eligible costs are:

  • Travel costs (reasonably priced transportation)
  • Accommodation expenses


  • The submission of applications can be done basically at any time – you will be notified via E-Mail about the decision regarding acception, amount and means of support concerning your application.
  • Pleas NOTE: For certain events such as ICARUS-meetings there are fixed deadlines, which absolutely have to be met in order to receive a mobility grant.
  • Deadline for applications for the next ICARUS-Meeting taking place in Einsiedeln/CH is 15th May 2012. Applications arriving later cannot be considered eligible.

Want to know how to apply?

… then fill in the online application form available here.


  • To garantuee a smooth and successful mobility grant experience, we would like to ask every applicant to clarify aspects like duration of stay, possible work tasks, accommodation options etc. as well as possible prior to application.
  • Membership in ICARUS is no precondition for being eligible to receive a mobility grant, but it is even no disadvantage – membership is free of charge and connected with a lot of benefits: learn more <link auf entsprechende seite>!

Only for research- or work stays in other institutions longer than 7 days:

  • During the stay it is taken for granted, that the personnel will abide by the regulations and laws of the respective host institution (e.g. concerning working hours, safety regulations etc.)
  • Furthermore we kindly request every applicant to fill in an evaluation form (LINK) upon finalisation of the stay.