Scientific Sub-Projects

It is imperative to establish the normative basis for the scientific use of tools as well as undertake thorough testing. This will particularly include the testing of these new ways of handling and researching online archival records in the context of smaller scientific sub-projects. Findings thus gained will influence all other areas of given project, as theoretical considerations and practical implementation must eventually give credit to usability.
In this regard ENArC particularly addresses young people in Europe by focussing the subprojects on schools and universities. During lessons and lectures, students will, together with their teachers, work on research projects based on the material available online and in doing so make use of the tools developed within ENArC.

Participants today are the University Federico II and several schools in Naples (IT), the University of Vienna (AT), the Charles University in Prague (CZ), and the Comenius University in Bratislava (SK), being members of the association ICARUS.

Similar to other project areas ENArC strives for an intensive cross-border exchange of knowledge between students. Common meetings will be held once a year. Given activity will serve to present Europe’s historical memory to young people in an innovative and appealing way. Last but not least, the recently ever growing area of e-learning will profit from the virtual presentation of historical facts, which schools may take up as a teaching aid for all kinds of subjects.

Due to its practical experience in managing such projects between students and schools, the University Federico II in Naples (UNINA, IT) will be in charge of coordinating this area.