Linking the Neighborhood Programme

In order to systematically expand the ICARUS network both in participating and neighbouring countries, each partner is called upon to publish their project results within their country. In addition, individual partners will participate in the Neighbourhood Linking Programme with the purpose to win archives from neighbouring countries to join the network respectively make the project locally known.

Partners will benefit from special resources such as:
  • Establishing new contacts
  • Dissemination
  • Organisation of and participation in international collaborative workshops

Following partners are involved in this programme:

Czech National Archive (NACR), Czech Republic >>> Poland
Hungarian State Archive (MOL), Hungary >>> Romania
Balkan Institute SANU (BISANU), Serbia >>> Bulgaria
Croatian State Archive (HDA), Croatia >>> Bosnia and Herzegovina
University Federico II Napoli (UNINA), Italy >>> Spain

(Both of the latter countries are represented in the Consortium, do however also participate here  due to the intensive historical relations between Southern Italy and Spain)