Digital Access – The way into the future!

To make our unique cultural heritage digitally accessible via the internet to any number of people at any place in the world 24/7 is the basis for an outright revolution, not only in terms of using historical archives but also in a mid- and long-term perspective with regard to the output of research thus made possible:

  • International historical contexts become more transparent;
  • Latest indexing methods (e.g. “semantic web”) lead to completely new research angles;
  • Archival records become common property: Accessible to anyone, independent of social status, education or location;
  • Which in turn will lead to creating cross-border awareness among the European population.

The cultural institutions participating in ENArC wish to meet above challenges in a special way. Many of them have already contributed valuable preparatory work by processing their archival information within electronic data collections or digitising individual inventory groups.
Also, there is already an increasing number of national and content-related archival portals that meet the demands of the general public by opening their stock.

The process of hybrid filing of archival material in the Archive of Tuzla Canton