The pillars of ENArC

 1.    Dissemination

The ambition is to enhance the already existing network of European cultural institutions, merged within ICARUS, as to advance the digitization and indexing of records within archives on a national basis. This in turn will promote the intercultural dialogue between not only institutions but rather considerably increase the amount of digital content on European archive portals such as APEx and Europeana through further historical source material. Improving inter-institutional communication, developing shared strategies for making written cultural available, coordinating individual projects and initiatives via the Linking the Neighbourhood Programme (i.e. facilitating admissions for new partners into the network) outline the dissemination objectives.

2.    International Co-operation

By means of regular exchange of knowledge and know-how between individuals and institutions alike via meetings, workshops, staff mobility and training programs (i.e. Mobility Grant Programme), conferences and facilitating admissions for new partners into the network (i.e. Linking the Neighbourhood Programme).

3.    Joint Development

Main purpose is to demonstrate best practice in the implementation of the project results by developing collaborative tools by way of using digital historical libraries at universities and schools or for education and training programs. Furthermore the increase of the amount of digital content on national or content-relate portals, European archive portals (APEx) and Europeana as well as developing innovative, collaborative technical standards for searching and processing historical sources and finally testing and applying these open-source tools in the context of scientific sub-projects.

4.       Publicity

Publishing project results both within the network and to the general public via e-newsletters, an online communication platform, a project homepage, a project logo, radio and TV broadcasts and printed brochures or advertisements in newspapers and magazines manifest the public relations standards.