Our Objectives

The general framework of the Culture Programme (2007-2013) sets the ideal pre-requisites for dealing with mentioned challenges, as they fully correspond both to the previous activities of the participating archives and the activities planned within ENArC:

  • Mobility of people: Regular exchange of knowledge and experience in meetings, workshops, staff mobility programmes, training programmes, conferences, and by means of admitting new members into the network.
  • Mobility of objects: Archival records are among those cultural objects difficult to display within an exhibition. Most of the time it is only the script or the seal and paper/parchment that will be admired. Such objects are ill suited for reading by a layperson and due to the outward resemblance of so many written documents the viewer will soon tire of looking at them. Accordingly, our project is less concerned with the mobility of the actual physical object, than with the mobility of the information contained within, which is put into an entirely new context and thus opens new perspectives for everyone. For the first time in history previously unknown information is rendered mobile!
  • Intercultural dialogue: All activities focus on initiating a dialogue between people of various countries and cultures, have them exchange experiences and find common ways of presenting their culture at European level.