ICARUS-Lecture #2

2011/08/17 @ 16:00 – 18:00
Historischer Ratssaal im Rathaus Speyer (DE)
Maximilianstraße 12
67346 Speyer
Title: Von der mittelalterlichen Kanzlei ins WWW – die Urkunden des Stadtarchivs Speyer und anderer europäischer Archive auf dem Weg ins virtuelle Urkundenarchiv

Speaker: Thomas Just (Haus- Hof- und Staatsarchiv, Vienna, AT)

Synopsis: This Lecture was also organized as a ceremonial lecture within the celebration of the “Year of the Salier” by the City Archive Speyer. With the “Year of the Salier” the city and Diocese of Speyer comemorated several jubilees that are closely linked to the medieval dynasty of the Salier: Every emperor of the house of the Salier was entombed in the Dome of Speyer. The lecture correlated to the most recent digitisation of documents of the City Archive Speyer and several other regional archives which are now accessible via the online portal Monasterium.net.