ICARUS@work #11

2012/09/04 – 2012/09/07 all-day
Instytut Historyczny Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego
Szewska 49

ICARUS@work #11 will be part of the pre-convention events at the 6th General Convention of Polish Archivists in Wroclaw from September 5-7, 2012:

The title for this ICARUS workshop on September 5th, 2012 is “Meeting the digital challenge together – The ICARUS-Experience“.

Ranging from presenting the ICARUS network including its inherent wide range of activities, this workshop will equally highlight the Polish and the Czech ICARUS-Experiences as well as extend the current transnational co-operations by the prospective Archives Portal Europe and its faciliating APEx-project.

Additionally, Thomas Aigner (President ICARUS) will introduce the ICARUS association at the 6th Polish Archivists Day, also at the Uniwersytet Wrocławski on Septmeber 5th, 2012.This lecture will be part of the opening session of the conference.

If you are keen to have a closer look at the programme, please click here.